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About company COIN PORT UK LTD

COIN PORT UK LTD is an officially registered company under the number 10322398

If you reached this page, it means you got interested in us, which is good!
Let us introduce our Company properly.

COIN PORT UK LTD was established in Agust 2016, although we had no name at that time. Some young fellows decided to invest their accumulated capital into equipment for mining of Bitcoin – an electronic crypto-currency that turned the online space upside down in just one years.

That risky step appeared to be a bang-on! Popularity of Bitcoin crypto-currency and its liquidity were growing incredibly fast and with it the profits of our Сompany were growing as well.

All the obtained profit, including additional investments from the people who got interested in us, immediately was invested into purchasing of even more powerful equipment, as the main principle of crypto-mining sphere says that the money is made by those who have equipment of more capacity and greater speed.

Nowadays, COIN PORT UK LTD is an officially registered company with two floors of terminal servers, which mine crypto-currency 24/7. A smoothly running system allows changing and upgrading the equipment without disrupting the process of Bitcoin mining.

What we offer to invest into

An intense interest towards crypto-currency as a source of income has led to a high demand for equipment of high computational capacity. This demand, in turn, has resulted in the emergence of such a concept as a cloud mining, since there are many of those who wish to mine crypto-currency and nearly no one who wishes to buy expensive equipment. Frankly speaking, the majority simply has no finance for such a purchase.

That is exactly what COIN PORT UK LTD offers – to invest into development of such a project. This process is not a kind of risky one, which is only being tested and is going to be introduced after receiving enough capital. We offer you to join us at a wide trodden path. You invest into raising production capacities of our Company and that, in its turn, leads to an increase in profit.

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